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Examples of our work.


Airgas, Inc., Construction Market 17" x 22" Poster

• Poster design, illustration, and photography retouching
• Call-out illustrations for construction markets representing buildings, highways and bridges, powerplants, and pipelines 


New Holland North America, Tractor Sales Literature for Dealerships

• Created design format for all brochures
• Includes artwork and image retouching
• Winner, Best of Show for Brochures, National Agriculture Marketing Association 


JE Berkowitz, Product Brochures

• Brochures with specifications for Winduo and Fusion glass fabrication products used in building architecture, awnings, and railings
• Design, artwork and photography retouching


Airgas, Inc., Power Plant 17" x 22" Poster

• Overall design and vector art illustration of power plant diagram
• Call-outs describing specific areas for service and maintenance in the power-generation market 


W&W Glass, LLC, Presentation Case

• Designed to print on 110-lb. cast-coated stock with bi-level embossed logo and UV coating
• Velcro button closures with custom die-cut pockets and flap to contain product sales literature and proposals


Airgas Natural Gas Literature

• Folds to 9"x12" with back cover pocket to hold proposals
• Additional fold-out showing diagram of gas refinery
• Design and art showing call-outs describing the specific areas for service and maintenance


Airgas, Inc., Hospital Illustration Showing Medical Gas Points of Use

• Design of artwork for call-outs describing the specific areas for service and maintenance in a hospital
• Used for print, website and PowerPoint 


Airgas, Inc., Welding Automation Chart

• Brochure design and illustrations of welding products and equipment
• Call-outs highlight the specific areas for service and maintenance in the welding automation market


Winsor & Newton Ads: 

• Designed for various art magazine publications, poster and web site header to announce artist workshops
• Design and image retouching 


New Holland North America, Agriculture Equipment Sales Literature for Dealerships:

• Design developed for all brochures promoting equipment for crop growing and harvesting
• Design, production, artwork and image retouching 


New Holland North America, Construction Specifications

• Designed for print and website
• Custom dimensional illustrations for call-outs
• Photography retouching for cover designs 


Primary Glass Manufacturer's Council Brochure

• Promotes the benefits of architectural high-performance glass for the reduction of carbon dioxide gas
• Brochure design, vector illustration of call-out diagram, and cover art 

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