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Don't put the cart in front of the horse

The reason why some new business owners delay the branding is to save money. However the company’s image should come first. Read the article why it is important.

By Manny Regas | November 4, 2019

The entrepreneur is an amazing person. The courage and determination to be your own boss and start a company is not for the light-hearted.

I understand this because I did it. I submitted to my boss a resignation letter and he asked which of his competitors hired me. My reply was simple… no one. After writing a business plan, acquiring business capital and finding an office, the next step was to create an image. To me as an expert in marketing communications the plan was obvious. My branding had to be the capital to show my dedication, commitment and talent to present to prospects. The brand must communicate my company’s mission because it is the foundation for all marketing from the Internet to the business card.

My approach to design leans toward a clean style. I like order and organization mixed with imagination and color. I created a “goldfish bowl” test. When my business card is dropped in a glass bowl at a trade show will people see it? After weeks of development I created the Regas Design “Circle R” logo. My image says a lot about who I am and when you look at my website and LinkedIn accounts it carries through my message.

For many first time business owners, branding is the final hurdle after the grand opening. A plastic banner printed with clip art is the storefront sign. A web site with no direction to the identity of the brand is posted. The tri-fold brochure or a flyer is produced on Microsoft Word.

The reason why some business owners delay the branding is to save money. However the company’s image should come first. Entrepreneurs have a drive and a vision but when it comes to their own image they are too close to see the big picture. This is when a graphic designer can help guide them as they compose their message with a fresh eye. And it’s not just the logo. The branding carries to digital and print advertising, packaging, labeling, swag, trade show designs and style usages for photography, illustration and type fonts.

Investment in the brand can be affordable when execution is planned and thought out. Its value can be measured by a customer’s connection between your brand and a good product and/or service.

Look for a designer that partners with you and shows alternatives. The designer must be more than an order taker. When you find one that is as bold as you, you’re on your way to giving your company the image it deserves. 

Artistic value in the age of digital design

The profession and services of graphic design continues to change. This blog page was created to give advice for people who are involved and interested in this field.

By Manny Regas | August 16, 2019

In today's business environment anyone owning a laptop with templates can advertise to be a designer. There are websites for ordering graphic design that are similar to purchasing an item from a vending machine. On these websites designers are displayed with samples of their work and you can surmise if they have the skills necessary to do what you require. Most likely the answer is yes with a cheap price. The designer returns exactly what you wanted but later arrive the issues. The design is not reading well when it is reduced, or printed on a dark background or applied in only one color. This happened because there was no planning, no research and no consultation. The drawback to this method is the lack of a relationship between the client and designer.

Well trained designers use their abilities and hard work to create a communications solution. They do this by learning the needs from their client. In return the client respects the designer’s abilities. Together, client and designer partner towards creating the final piece that satisfies the objective and anticipates its usage.

Great designers listen and strive to understand your message before a single mark is made. The Internet and digital color printing has created a marketplace oversaturation so getting noticed is now more important than ever.

When looking for a good designer make certain they follow trends and know your market’s target. Designers should always adapt to new styles. Hire a designer that has an ability to draw and paint because those designers will have a trained eye to organize, visualize and produce your project. Also, with artistic ability, the designer will have a critical eye and the skills to retouch and color correct images. Finally, good designers must be able to explain the motivation behind their idea.

Your message will be the most important asset when starting a company, introducing a product or a service. Be certain to find the talent by interviews, referrals, and research. 


Manny Regas is a professional illustrator and graphic designer in the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania. He has designed and illustrated for large corporations for over 40 years and has received recognition from various associations for excellence in the field of commercial design. 

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