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RegasDesign & Creative Services

Established 1988

25 Years

Process of thought is influenced by experience

Graphic design theory and practice are constantly shifting. And that’s good. Because what interests and excites audiences are constantly changing. Successful creative and design firms continue to adapt and change in order to deliver the most value to clients.

"Developing unique campaigns with a certain flair is what brings products, brands, and ideas to life. Clients understand that RegasDesign & Creative Services does things differently, and that’s what it takes to make our clients stand out." ꟷ Emmanuel Regas

RegasDesign & Creative Services has received numerous awards from American Corporate Identity and the National Agri-Marketing Association. 

"I view design as a strategic business tool and an economic force. Done right, it captures attention, evokes emotion, and prompts action." ꟷ

Emmanuel Regas

Schooled in graphic design, art direction, and illustration, founder Emmanuel Regas began his career in advertising agencies and continued in corporate design studios. His well-rounded perspective and passion for illustration provide clients with a unique advantage of being able to quickly visualize concepts and designs at the beginning of each project.

You have a tight schedule, but don’t have a manuscript or photography

We’re particularly adept at providing concept sketches without direction from a manuscript or photography. We’ll help you visualize the project with a professional sketch which can be used as a “roadmap” to guide writers for text fit and flow and to guide photographers in creating compelling photographs. Concept sketches are key to meeting tight deadlines and project goals.

Creative design that gets results

You’ve invested time and energy into your marketing plan. Now’s the time to make sure that investment pays off with an impactful message that promotes your product and your brand. RegasDesign & Creative Services has the talent and resources to create the impact you need to meet your goals.

Ideas are our stock and trade

RegasDesign & Creative Services will meet with you to understand your project and the goals you’d like to meet. We’ll ask all the right questions to help you focus on the message, the audience, and the most effective way to deliver your message.
How much will this cost?
There’s no exact science to predict the cost of an idea that has not yet been created. RegasDesign & Creative Services works within your budget to deliver the best value. That’s where more than 30 years of experience pays big dividends. 

Time is money, so we use it most efficiently

RegasDesign & Creative Services combines more than 30 years of design experience with today’s technology to deliver your project quickly and on budget. To save time, we use the Portable Document File (PDF) protocol to send electronic files for concepts, layouts, and designs directly to your computer so you can review them on your screen or print as many proofs as you like. 


We deliver concepts through to the finished product. Working with you we create the concepts, execute the designs, graphics, and illustrations, and then produce the needed production files. We adhere to industry production standards and meticulously prepare all files so that the project flows smoothly to completion.

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