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The beginning of a successful marketing campaign.

TG Tractor Sketch


RegasDesign can provide a concept sketch without any photography or manuscript. This professional sketch can be used by the photographer to shoot the product in location or studio. Giving the sketch to the writer allows them to fit the text and follow the flow. Great for short deadlines!

RegasDesign & Creative Services was founded in 1988. Emmanuel Regas is the Owner and Creative Director at RegasDesign.

RegasDesign is dedicated. Clients receive the best value for their advertising dollar. RegasDesign has accumulated proven resources and talents to carry a project through from any stage.

Creative services for marketing managers, brand managers, product managers and those who manage it all. For packaging, posters, brochures, sales sheets, websites and anything 3-dimensional. You need it... it will be presented to you.


Concepts and Direction:
A blank sheet of paper is not feared and is quickly conquered.

How much will this cost? There is no exact science to predict the cost for an idea that has not been created. RegasDesign tackles this paradox by focusing on a general plan for handling a project. We strive to anticipate your needs that helps in managing your budget.

Utilizing the industry standards in applications. Suppliers are pleased because they receive meticulously prepared files.


Want it tomorrow?
Three words for you:
Portable Document File (PDF).

Chances are your computer has the Adobe Acrobat® reader. You can download layouts from RegasDesign and print them directly from your network. Print as many proofs as you want.

If your system does not have the reader go to to download a free Acrobat Reader.


Emmanuel Regas studied art direction and illustration in 1978. One of the unique dimensions he can bring to each project is the ability to visually communicate designs and concepts to his clients. His experience in both advertising and corporate design provides him with a well-rounded perspective in his approach to projects. "I view design as a strategic business tool and economic force, and provide companies with insightful, functional design concepts in ads, point of sale displays, catalogs, and packaging."

In the ever changing world of graphic design and multimedia, Emmanuel believes the survivors are the chameleons... people who can continue to change, adapt, and update their styles. "People have me invent new styles for a campaign. They know I do things differently, and they want something that will stand out. To me, the future is my next project." 

RegasDesign has received numerous awards from American Corporate Identity, and the National Agri-Marketing Association. 

When your project needs graphic communications with vision... RegasDesign will help map the way to your goals.

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